Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cost vs Value

This is an empty bottle of Glimmer Mist. It cost me about $3 (a little less, actually). It's a tiny bottle that came in a sampler pack, and I had a 30% off coupon for Archiver's. 

This is an empty Copic marker. I took it out of the trash to take this picture for you. I paid $7 for it.

Now, I have friends who have that "I can't use it, it's special" mindset. My husband is always "saving" things for "a special occasion". I don't do that. At all. 

Something is only expensive until you guy it. Once it's in your hands, you determine the worth of something. If it sits on a shelf in perfect, pristine condition, it's worthless. My Moleskine journal: $17.95. The smoothest, prettiest watercolor paper: $6.39/sheet. Prismacolor colored pencil: $1.95. If I leave that Moley in its plastic wrapper, then it's worth EXACTLY what I paid for it and nothing more. The instant that I crack it open and it becomes my journal, it's priceless. It's my comfort, my companion. It holds my hopes and dreams and fears. I carry it in my backpack and I reach for it when I need it - it's always there. That Copic marker - I used it all for a ridiculous journal filled with cartoon drawings of my every day life. It makes me smile when I look through it - that makes it worth every penny. I'm practical and I'm cheap - I tried all the other markers first. I resisted going Moley (because you can never really go back). I did a Paper Research Project before picking a paper I loved. So if I'm going to spend $7 on a marker, I'm going to USE it. I know there are so many people who don't want to use their "good" supplies but I don't get it. There is no more special occasion than today. Right now is all we have.


  1. You threw ur copic marker away?!?!

  2. Every single day IS a special day, I totally agree! Use what you have TODAY....you will be so glad you did.....you may need to drop off your empty copic to Kelly (wink wink). Great post Googie.

    Twilight Sparklez

  3. Alas, the empty marker had been tossed from the tiny trash can to the larger one, and then down the trash chute. Kelly doesn't have refills for her markers, anyway, she's much nicer to hers than I am to mine!!