Sunday, November 27, 2011

Game Design Program at ITT Tech

Cancelled. Not just at my campus, at ALL ITT Techs across the country.

We found out Wednesday night at our final. You should have HEARD the immature idiots in my class whining and complaining about it. The man who came to talk to us about it had NOTHING to do with the decision. Zero. There was nothing he could do about it, no amount of bitching and complaining could change that. The number of times an idiotic teenager called out "That's not the point!" made me want to punch people. One kid left and came back with his mother. Five people walked out. What do they think that accomplishes? The class is PAID FOR. It was the LAST DAY. If you can't get your money back (you can't) what is the point of leaving class on the last day? Seriously, what point does that prove? It was an amazing amount of immaturity and THEN people whined about how LONG the final took. I wanted to scream "If you idiots hadn't spent an hour bitching we would have gone home a lot sooner!" but I resisted. It wasn't easy. So I'll get my degree in Graphic Design and be done with it. What's the BFD? 

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