Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Foosa Moon Creations

A new designer at Ahhh Scrap! You know that new stuff to play with makes me happy...

This is my husband, who is ALWAYS looking at me like this!  He has no idea I have this picture or have it posted on here for the whole world (or my 53 followers) to see. I'm totally amused! 
The kit I used is "Fall Frolic Collection Bundle" 

 This is Kelly's hubby, who NEVER lets me take his picture. Don't get me wrong - I take pictures of him all the time, but he ducks or covers his face with his hands so I have very few good ones. This one he let me take! We sent the men shopping (after we had a meeting about Thanksgiving dinner) at a restaurant supply store (my husband is a chef so he has a membership there) and this was Paul's favorite purchase - an enormous can of cranberry jelly (I say "sauce", but I wanted to be clear about exactly what this can is). Is this not amazing??
Same kit used, and also FMC's Photocentric Templates 1-4

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