Sunday, February 10, 2013

Face #10

This time I wanted to go a little more complicated. I actually drew a face ON the canvas, but she came out pretty awful, so then I drew one on paper to collage onto the canvas, but I forgot to take a  picture before she was collaged :)

So, here I'm just messing around with sprays, covering up the drawing:

More sprays, but you can see the original face a lot more as it dries:

Then, here she is about half a million steps later:

And this is what she looks like right now, but I'm going to let her dry overnight before I play with her anymore:

The facial features themselves are super light because I just collaged her on and then painted over it. I haven't tried to define anything or shade her yet. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Hey Goog!
    This is so cool - LOVE the drips! xo

    1. Hi, Kristin!! Thanks, I'm having fun with her. :)