Thursday, February 7, 2013

Prince Charming

This picture is so SAD, and I'm the worst mommy ever because I couldn't help but take a picture! I loved when he would poke his little lip out like this. Poor little buddy!

I love, love, love this new kit. The colors are awesome, and orange is a particular favorite of mine in a digital scrapbooking kit. I don't know why but it just says "boy" to me. Love it!


  1. Love the photo (you're not a bad mommy!) and the says "boy" to me, too. I have been really annoyed that all the boy clothes, blankets, gear, etc., that stores sell (for babies at least) are all blue (or white) (or say lame things like "mommy's little driver"...what the heck?). What about turquoise, orange, green, red, etc.? I go out of my way to find difference non-typical boy colors, like this. You're wooing me to digiscrapping, Goog!!

    1. Yeah, I hate all the lame things baby clothes say. I'm not cheesy like that AT ALL. I didn't find out if I was having a boy or a girl mostly becuase I didn't want people to start drowning me with pastel pink or blue stuff!! They were forced to get neutral colors and it made me happy. I hope you try digiscrapping! There's a LOT of free stuff out there to get you started, and I got Photoshop Elements when I first had Liam and it's super user-friendly. The best part is NO MESS. No stuff to clean up!!