Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not the first...or the last

"We didn't want to be the first ones in." A little tiny old lady told me at the restaurant the other day. We open at eleven am and she and her husband had been sitting in their car for fifteen minutes before I even unlocked the doors.

I pondered this. My husband is the same way. Can't be the first one to an event or a party, can't eat the last cookie when we're at a friend's. I am not that kind of person at all. Not even a little bit. I don't care what the workers at Michaels think of me if I'm sitting in my car outside the doors for a few minutes before they open. And no one wants to put away one freaking cookie.

My son has somehow gotten it into his little head that he doesn't want to eat or use the last of something. I'll ask if he's eaten breakfast and he'll say "I was going to have poptarts but there's only one pack left. Can we buy some more?" Nope, not until that last pack is gone. Then we'll buy some more. When Hostess was going out of business, do you think I savored my last box of Zingers? Sure didn't. Ate them just like I always do.

Yesterday we took Liam to the Mall of America to play at Nickelodeon Universe. My mom wanted to know if it was a special occasion. No, Mom. It was just Tuesday. Why NOT go to the MOA? Why wait for a special occasion? Why wait for someone else to be in the store? Why not eat the cookie if you want it? When someone tells me I only live once and they're talking about how they stayed out all night drinking and came to work the next morning hungover, I tell them they're a dumbass. Yes, you DO only live once. So why not make the most of it? Why not do the right things since you don't get a second chance? Why not go somewhere silly and expensive on a random Tuesday?

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