Sunday, March 10, 2013


Effy Wild said this the other day, and it really struck me. What if we could forgive OURSELVES everything that came before right now? I hate when people yap about being present and "in the moment" and blah, blah, blah, because that's just life. Of course I'm in this moment - that's why I have no idea where my husband's car keys are, because I shoved them in my pocket and then changed my clothes in a DIFFERENT moment. If I was still there, I'd remember the keys. My son is also an "in the moment" kind of person. He can't tell me what he does at school until HOURS after he's been home. He doesn't remember, he's too focused on what he wants to do next (have a snack, play xbox, call grandma, pet the cat).

BUT. I'm a dweller. I dwell. Not so much on anything you did or said or might have meant by something you did or said. Some of that, of course, but not nearly as much as dwelling on what I did or said or what you might think I meant by something. But what if, instead, I could tell MYSELF that the only day that matters is today? That if I offended you or confused you or myself or my kid or hurt someone's feelings yesterday - that today I either have to fix it or let it go. Because today is the only day that matters.

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