Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cheap Thoughts? Soul Journal?

Maybe a nice combo! Remember a year ago when Suzi was doing her Soul Garden class and we made these fun planners and notecards and kept excellent track of everything? I LOVED that and yet, I stopped doing it. This is what my planner looks like these days:

The occasional artistic doodle makes its way in:

Lots of times it's just notes to myself and random thoughts and stuff other people say:

I'd like it to be a little bit more organized. Not ridiculously, I mean, everyone knows me and I am who I am: a very interesting combination of scattered like spilled rice an focused like a laser. I like randomly having ice cream for dinner but I'd also like to be able to make a nice meatloaf if I want without having to go to the grocery store three times because I forgot things or forgot my list or had the list and still forgot things. I'm going to work on it! 


  1. I am working on posting things in my journal and keeping better track of my day to day life. Not succeeding totaling, but working on it. I think I need more "working". This has reminded me of this fact. If I want it...I need to start building a habit. Thanks! Sending smiles :-) for your day.