Friday, November 1, 2013

I matter

Canvas! I drew this face WEEKS ago and then I chickened out when it came to adding color. I finally put finishing this canvas on my To Do List, because for some reason I'm much more likely to do something if I put it on a list! Silly, I know, but I try not to judge and just do what works.

I didn't add all that much color, and I didn't blend it very well, but I freaking LOVE it. Completely love it! How crazy is that? Usually I'm pretty "meh" about stuff when I finish it, but I love her :)

And of course she needed pink hair. I mean, who doesn't? Also, a little charcoal added some depth.

Then I just added a little bit of grungy and some very significant words, with stamps I carved myself!

You may or may not remember the journal page that she was born out of...

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