Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Matter

A lot of time these days, I feel like "EVERYTHING MATTERS!!" and then "nothing matters, why the fuck do I even bother?" I was having a "nothing matters" kind of day and I said that on Facebook - that I was having a day where I feel like nothing matters. Effy Wild said two extremely powerful words to me: You matter.

I don't always agree. I make zero difference in the world, in society. Yes, I have a child and I make a difference to him, obviously. But to relegate my life to ONLY being important because I'm a mother is not OK. I don't have to know WHY I matter, I am just going to keep reminding myself that I do. I matter. YOU matter. We matter.

Her face is messy and imperfect, but I really like how she came out:

All finished:


  1. oh .. the all or nothing.
    I understand.

    Effy is right.
    you know that.

    I understand wanting to know why anything matters at all. It seems you might just art your way into knowing.

  2. effy is right.

    the pendulum swings pretty wildly for me too, some days....but i think it's a good way to keep the that we keep questioning and reminding ourselves..lest we become complacent.

    beautiful journal page...truly.

  3. Not to be repetitive, but you *do* matter - not just as a mom, though that is monumentally, outrageously important, but to every life you come into contact with. Everyone has enormous impact on the world without realizing just how *big* they are. The person you smile at. The clerk you thank. The woman reading this blog who has her epiphany because of something you wrote.

    The grand scheme of things says we are all little teensy tiny drops in an ocean of humanity. We can start thinking in terms of our tiny, meaningless life. But all of humanity is made up of these teensy, tiny drops, and each drop touches the one next to it and so on and so on...

    I like to ask myself what kind of ripples I want to flow out from the pebble I drop in the pond that day, and then act accordingly. Ripples of inspiration. Ripples of kindness. Ripples of honesty. I make a wee little splash, but those ripples are glorious in the way they keep on rippling outward, growing, expanding, until they touch the shore.

    I'll shuddup now.


    P.S. You matter.

  4. I've spent too long thinking about how insignificant I am, how insignificant I've been made to feel by others in my past. We all matter and you absolutely do matter. This has been amplified by the wonderful art online communities I've joined, I've seen love, support, camaraderie that exceeds some of my face to face friendships. Your art is beautiful and your honesty and vulnerability that you share makes You Matter big time lovely lady. ~ sharyn h

  5. You matter, Oh my, you matter so much!
    Don't ever forget that.

  6. You definitely matter - everyone has a place in this world and a role to play. You are more important than you realize rigt now...but you matter and you are needed.

  7. OH yes! You matter to me, just because of our burger date!
    You matter to your son who matters to those he knows and those he WILL know and the things he will do.
    And you matter to all of us who create online and are inspired by your art and your blog.
    And you matter to everyone you smile at, especially when they least expect it. Especially when they're the Perpetually Ignored, like people who work in housekeeping in hotels and hospitals.

    But most of all, you matter to YOU and that's best of all.

  8. You matter to me...because you ARE.

  9. I guess you have touched a nerve with all of us Goog! Holy moly, that portrait is freaking awesome!