Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mermaids playing

So, I have a mermaid friend named Kelly. We "met" online a couple of months ago and in person a couple of weeks ago. At our first meeting, I convinced her she needed to get a Moleskine sketch book. Every single day I asked her if she'd used it yet and every single day she said she was going to use it tonight. Lies. So, today I went to her house and here she is, FINALLY breaking that sucker in.Ah...corruption. Fun, right? I also convinced her that she couldn't live without PanPastels and, of course, I was right. She needed them. Next we plan to conquer OIL PAINTS.


  1. Ha ha Kelly, busted!

    Oil paints! Are youse out of your minds?

    Copic Ciaos next!

    I am amazed at all the cool mermaids that I am meeting too!

  2. Kelly is already a copic genius. We're thinking of trying the water-soluble oil paints!