Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's funny how rarely I've talked about mermaids, I guess. This is a sketchbook I got at Blick's when me and Kelly were hanging out, it was on sale for less than five bucks and I really like it. Very smooth paper. So I've been kind of a slacker with the actual mermaid drawing...I made a couple of faces, nothing special. Did a coule of gesture sketches to get a feeling for how I wanted her to look. But I get nervous when I'm supposed to "plan" a painting. I usually just start with a face and see where it goes. I've actually made mermaids in the past but they were super cheesy, which is why I asked Suzi to make this class! I wanted to see her take on mermaids, have her teach me how to make a mermaid I like. And I think I'm going to! I was sketching them while Mini was running around the park today and I kind of like what I did.

I think they look kinda good. Nothing to write home about or anything, but they have a little more personality than my girls usually do. They're usually sort of flat and boring. Progress? Possibly.