Monday, September 20, 2010

Mom/Artist friends?!?

Today I took Mini to the play area and I was carrying my tie bag, this one:

And one of the moms asked me about it and we started chatting and I think I made a FRIEND! I need people to be proud. I've lived here TWO YEARS and don't have a single Minnesotan friend. Not one. We traded numbers and everything! I hope she calls first...but how long are you supposed to wait before calling? I don't know these things because I don't have any friends. So these two moms make dresses for little girls from vintage pillow cases - how cute is that? And they sell them at craft fairs and wanted to know if I sell tie bags. I said no, because I have Mini Me. Can you imagine him if I tried to get him to sit still all day? Or for ten minutes? Not so much. Maybe some day...

PS - This bag is NOT my original design, it is made using a tutorial by RickRackRuby that I found on Craftster. BUT I have her written permission to make and sell them.


  1. Make these and sell them online! It's such a cool way to use ties!