Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Door locks...

This is the lock on my parents' front door. It's new (ish, they've had it for a few months) and it's fun because they don't have keys (yeah, I see the keyhole, I have no idea what it's for because I know for a fact my mother doesn't have a key to this lock). There's a code you punch in and I'm all about secret codes and silly gadgets. Love it!

But do you see a tiny problem? This is it from the inside. See the little deadbolt? All you have to do is flip it. Now, my parents don't have a whole lot worth stealing - a couple of REALLY big TVs that I'd love to see some burglars trying to get down the stairs and into their truck quickly. That would be really funny. Especially since they're wired directly into the walls.

But, come ON! If you were a burglar and you saw this fancy lock on someone's house (OK, you'd have to go upstairs onto the front porch to see it because my parents' house is very odd and you go in through the second floor) wouldn't you think they had some good stuff in there? And then all you have to do is break a window, flip the lock, and you're in.

Of course, I don't mention this to my dad (OK, he's my stepdad - that's why he's only ten years older than me - go mom!) because he would just look at me like I was crazy. He's not really trying to lock anyone out, he just thinks this is a cool lock. And he's right, it's fun!

So my best friend got in last night from London at like 8pm...which would be 1am London's 8:59am now...too early to go over to her mom's house and jump on her bed? I could throw things from the doorway that way she couldn't hit me. Even better, I could make Mini Me jump on her bed! Who's going to hit a cute little four-year-old?

Sadly, I have no art to show you. OK, I did a face on the plane but I was going for a Pam Carriker kind of look (huge oval face, tiny eyes, wispy hair, weak mouth) but the more I looked at her, the more I hated her. (The drawing, not Pam) Then I colored her with watercolor crayons, which I hate. (Why do I do these things? I can't help myself sometimes!!) So she looks horrible. Too horrible to even show you because you're going to think "Why the F would you do that?" and too horrible to even let her reside in my wonderful Fabriano journal so I'm going to RIP her out. No, I don't think journals are supposed to be perfect but I do think MY journal is supposed to make ME happy and this page doesn't so she's gotta go.


  1. Have a great time at your parents Goog, hope the weather will be good to you.

  2. Mini looks so old in this picture! GAH!