Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gross or awesome?

It's a little hard to tell. It's that giant cupcake, and the top half is peanut butter cake (my specialty), the bottom chocolate. But since my son begged my mom to "decorate" it himself...

Yeah. It really looks like that. No, I will not be eating it. Even Liam doesn't want to eat it. Maybe Papa will take the first bite?


  1. I can understand not wanting to damage the masterpiece ... but if I was there, I'd have a taste!

  2. I think its due to the sheer amount of stuff on it, but that looks like a giant of a cupcake, like a prop from Jack and the Beanstalk LOL

  3. It actually IS a giant cupcake! It took two batches of cake batter to make it and Liam was SO excited to decorate it.