Sunday, March 20, 2011

March LOs for Ahhh Scrap!

This is a kit called "Creative Me" by Willow Grace Designs. Mini working in his journal, how cute is that?
This one is called "Chickadees" by One of a Kind Design Studio. I don't have many chickadees to scrap, but I haven't scrapped ANY pics of me and Suzi at CHA yet! Here we were searching for breakfast at the convention center - Suzi said I couldn't have sushi...
This is my son, being a nut (as usual). He burst into the bathroom announcing that he was an explorer. Good thing I always have my phone with me while I'm in the tub in case I need to snap a photo!
This is curiosity NOT killing the cat. He wanted to know what would happen. I told him to try it. I want to make this into a scrapbook of its own, I think. Quotes and questions from him and how we figured out the answers, something along those lines.
Since my computer died I'm scrapping with Photoshop Elements instead of Photoshop and I gotta say, I kind of missed it. It's so much EASIER than Photoshop! I mean, after three years of using it, I know Photoshop pretty damn well but Elements is SO much more user-friendly. Quick commands, a simple click to add a layer style, I heart it.


  1. This is digital? How does it look when you print it out? can you send me a few pages someday so I can see?

  2. It's digital and they print AMAZING! Kelly was impressed when I showed her :)

  3. These are great Goog! Liam is lucky he has a mommy capturing all the precious moments!