Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dive-In Scrap-Out

So, I don't really understand the title but I'm doing this challenge thing at Digi Scraps Drive In. The first challenge was to take two LOs and "twist" them into a new one, and I've already posted it here, it's of my friend Tami and her fiance Ian's engagement photos. This was challenge number two, called "Groundhog Day" (Since it's a drive-in, I guess we're going with movie themes? I don't really know yet!). I took my oldest gallery-posted LO and made it anew. Here they both are:

I'm actually not at ALL unhappy with the first one. It was for a 4x6 photo book for my mom, so I make a bunch of LOs like that and then they got cut in half and slid into those plastic pages. She loved it and still carries it around. I should make her a new one! I do love the second one, too, though. I feel like it's missing something. If it was a paper LO, I'd use a credit card in titan buff paint to give it some grungy lines. I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe just leave it alone. We'll see. Oh, and the kit used, with all those fantastic colors, is Live In Thanksgiving by Piccolina Designs. I LOVE it. I wish it was fabrics so I could make a quilt from it!

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