Monday, July 23, 2012

A Visitor

First, rest assured that none of the people mentioned here, nor anyone connected to them, read this blog.

I love my husband's father. BUT. Something I've noticed about most people is they simply don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. I met a new friend for coffee this morning, came home at noon, and he and Liam had been playing video games the ENTIRE time I was gone. Fine. FIL doesn't know how to entertain a five-year-old. No problem. I make Liam stop after another hour and ten minutes. I feed him - he hasn't eaten anything and now it's after one pm.

FIL goes outside to smoke, I turn the Wii back on, meaning to put on Bones or Law & Order or something just to be in the background of my day. He comes back inside while I'm making a sandwich and puts on a movie - one that is NOT appropriate for kids, and one that I have NO INTEREST in watching. Without a word, he just takes over like he owns the place.

I HATE THIS KIND OF MENTALITY. This is why I don't like being around other people. It doesn't occur to him AT ALL that he is one of THREE PEOPLE in the house. He is a GUEST, which to me means you ASK before doing something. But it just doesn't occur to him.

So, now I have to do my homework and get ready for school tonight with this movie giving me a migraine because he watches TV ridiculously loud. It's seriously hurting my ears right now. It's so hard for someone like me - who is ALWAYS conscientious of the fact that I'm not the only person on the planet - to be around people who are SO ridiculously unaware. Because it's not a matter of "Geez, Goog, you could just say something." Of course I could. It's a matter of HAVING TO. Why should I have to constantly remind people that they are NOT the only person who matters? Why should I have to assert myself IN MY OWN HOME? Why should I have to tell my son's grandfather that this is an inappropriate movie for HIS GRANDSON?

To me, THIS IS COMMON SENSE. Everyone thinks they are the one who has common sense and that nobody else does, but tell me - would it really not occur to you that a PG13 movie is maybe not OK for a super sensitive five-year-old? And now FIL is snoring ridiculously loudly - so I'm going to be tortured with this stupid movie and he's not only going to sleep through it, but also add to the noise level? I might kill someone before the week is over.


  1. Yuck I'm so sorry! big hugs... :/

  2. My MIL is like that- I feel your pain. My MIL likes to claim everything we have too---like "how is our dog today" or "how is our garden doing?". Drives me crazy. Good luck- hope the visit goes fast!