Friday, July 6, 2012

Soul Garden, part 2

These pages are from my July planner. I'm having SO much fun with this, you have no idea! 

These are a couple of stamps I carved. Stamped on post its and stuck in:

For every day of the month, I made up these little list thingies. It's half an index card, backed with cardstock that was leftover from making the planner. I just take one, glue it in, and write down the stuff I want to do today. Cute and functional! This has been SO useful for me.

  This is just a doodle - usually I do this on my homework papers and notes.

I carved a cupcake stamp and used it for July birthdays. A stamp and a name scribbled in it so I don't forget.

Some days there's no list, no To Do's, no homework. Just pancakes and the pool.

I have Liam make me a little piece of art on an index card every day and I add it in. 

I also have these little badges that I made up. This particular day I made art, took my medicine, studied, did the dishes, went for a run, talked on the phone (twice), made some cartoon pages, and cooked. They're one inch squares and I got the clipart and the iPhone pic online. Resized and colored in photoshop.

This is a screen grab from my iPhone about a funny conversation I had with Paul. 

This is what I'm doing with my Project 365 pictures:

This planner has been SO helpful for me so far. Sometimes all I need to get me motivated to fold the laundry that been sitting, clean, on the couch for a week is to put it on today's To Do list. I know that seems silly, but that's just what works for me. And why take all these pictures for P365 if nothing gets done with them? The badges make me want to glue them in - and I don't get to if I don't actually DO the dishes or MAKE the cartoons. Those silly text message conversations? Who doesn't want to remember those?

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