Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mercury Retrograde

I know, I know, astrology? I'm not someone who really believes in astrological stuff. However, I've been observing the whole Mercury retrograde thing and I have to tell you - Mercury messes with me. Since this retrograde started, I've had to reset my Internet every single day. Everyone I've known who has made travel plans has had problems - delays, cancellations, you name it. Suzi even pointed out how my father-in-law getting on my nerves relates. Not to mention the communication issues.

So, anyway, my brain feels like scrambled eggs today. I can't say I didn't accomplish anything - I made cookies, took Liam for a walk, turned in all my ink cartridges at Office Max (I get $3 for each one!), folded a bunch of laundry, added some things to my August Soul Garden planner. But I also started a bunch of things and just haven't finished them: I tore paper for two journals, folded it, and now it's sitting in a pile; I started working on several things for my SG planner that are sitting around me on the couch, incomplete; started crocheting a mitten and got about six rows done; burned my grilled cheese sandwich; didn't finish working on my rapidographs; didn't do any homework; etc, etc, etc. Even the laundry I folded didn't get put away.


Hopefully, tomorrow will be a day for completing unfinished projects. Who's with me??

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