Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretty Purple Pen Girl...

She's on this week's "home" page of my CTJ (that's Cheap Thoughts Journal for anyone not paying attention, and it's a composition notebook from Wal-Mart). I'm NOT a good doodler. Really not. I want to be, though! The only thing I actually know how to draw is girls! Petit Dolls and Goddesses, learned everything I know from Suzi Blu. So I doodled a girl. With my purple pen. From one of those 4-color clicky pens.

I maybe went a little too far here...

But then I lightened her a little with some white paint. The boss (that's Suzi) said to use a thin layer of gesso, but my gesso is super thick, like spackle. (According to spell check "spackle" isn't a word. Who knew?)

Anyway, I'm happy with her. Especially because she's not "fine art". She's just a doodle in my CTJ and she's awesome. I'm going to add color to her (and the rest of the page!!) so maybe you'll see her again. Maybe not, because I usually just show you half-finished stuff!


  1. She is so NoT cheap, hahaha! I think she is quite fine art indeed :)

  2. Very cool. Did you just draw her or did you pencil an outline first?

  3. No pencils! Just pen. That's why her eyes are a little crazy!!

  4. That's so awesome. I have fear of the perm pen! Maybe need to loosen up a bit.