Monday, May 23, 2011

June Journal

Just getting my June journal all set up and ready for action! I swear to you, my beloved followers, I'm going to carry this sucker everywhere and jot all my scribbles down in it and doodle and draw and all that junk. I want it to be my "everything" journal. For one month. Then I wanna move on to a new one. I was journaling every day fora few months, and it really makes me happy when I do it. Then one day I don't do it because I'm PMSing or I'm mad because I don't WANNA journal today and you can't MAKE ME (yes, that's an argument I have with myself) or I go out with my friends and I don't want to bring it along and have them make comments about it and THEN I'm out of the habit, just like that. I don't have an addictive personality AT ALL, so if I skip one day it's really easy to skip a week, then a month, and so on. BUT I'm not going to do that for the month of June, all right? That's not SO big of a commitment. 30 days to use this sucker up.

Here's the inside. This page folds out and is attached to the cover with masking tape:

Page 2:

Page 3:

This is what's on the other side of the taped in page:

Nothing exciting, yet. Maybe it'll be a boring month, who knows? But the word for June is Balance. It was supposed to be my word for 2011, but I've been sucking at it so far. Anyone else need a little balance in their lives? Grab a journal and play along...

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