Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Missing Mermaid!

My friend Tal was asking where the mermaid has been lately. Don't worry, I haven't gotten busy and forgotten about you guys or been too Indigo to post. I'm just having this problem with my EYES!
GROSS, right?!? It started in my left eye and was ouchy for a couple of days. Then gone. Then I started work and Liam started day care and it happened in HIS eye. I figured it was allergies, got some drops, then it went away and he's completely fine. Then I got it in BOTH eyes. I'm still thinking it may be allergy related because I lived in Florida for 20 years and there are no seasons there. So there's not a time when a lot of things are blooming, and there's not a time where a lot of things die off. (That's why there are so many bugs, they don't die in the winter because there is no winter.) So I got Zyrtec and when my eyes seemed better I put my contacts back in - oops. I went to the eye doctor today (at Target) and he gave me a prescription and said to come back Saturday. Now if only the sore throat and the stuffy nose would go away...

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  1. Sorry you are still feeling blah. Glad your blog is back...reading it is part of my daily ritual.