Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Suck Monday!

Un-oh, I didn't post yesterday - I suck!! :) Ajae and I sucked together yesterday (skype is a wonderful invention) and here is what I did:

I stuffed my box with three grocery bags, but I think it could have used another!

Masking tape to close it up!

I hate gesso, so this is just a little white paint, sloppily applied.

I suck again because I forgot to take pics of the next two layers! First I used a light yellow, then a teal, and then because every project should have a little, quinacridone magenta. Then I used a big stamp to just sort of add a lil something - it's HARD to stamp on a box.

Then I used a toothbrush to add some speckles...

Got a few on my brand new netbook...

AND my crackers...

And that's where it is right now. I'm not sure what I'm going to add. I was thinking of using my Suzi stamp (stamping her, coloring, and putting her on with Pop Dots so she stood out a little) but the stamp is twice the size of the box!! So, we'll see where it goes, if anywhere.

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