Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree :)

I'm surprised how much I love our Christmas tree!! We live in a small place and we're pretty..."poor" doesn't seem like the right way to put it, but I'm not sure what the "correct" term would be. So, small place, one teeny half-filled box of decorations (the tree is the ONLY thing that gets decorated), I was feeling a little sad about it. Especially because of the Thanksgiving incident at Kelly's, and they have such a beautiful house and so does Ajae, and they both get a LOT more festive (at least cosmetically!) for the holidays. But I am in LOVE with this tree! 

Look how pretty it is!!
And here is is all tacky'd up, just how I like it! 

AND, you see that sliding door behind it? When you pull into our apartment complex, we live in the first apartment in the first building, and you can see the tree through the glass door!! It's pretty and I love it. 


  1. Your tree is beautiful and is sure to make your surroundings super festive! Good job... girl!

  2. It's the prettiest thing I've seen.....and i love Tim still working on it in the last shot!