Saturday, December 17, 2011

Make your own planner: brilliant or bonkers?

It's HARD to find a planner that I like. Really hard. I want it daily. I'm not a doctor or some crazy busy office person - I don't care. I want a page for every day. And I want it to be about 5.5in x 8.5in. It needs to either open completely flat or be ring bound - but the rings can't be too tight so it's hard to turn the pages. When I've tried the "print your own pages" thing, regular printer paper is too thin, but even the thinnest card stock is too thick. I was thinking maybe I'd just figure out how to alter my Smash Book into a planner, but it has the too-tight ring problem and it's a little too big. So I'm working on another idea. Here's what I've got so far.

Month at a glance:

Daily pages:

 Some tags for homework pages:

 Date stickers I made with my sticker maker:

Some other tags and pockets and stuff:
Believe it or not, I worked on it for about six hours today and I'm nowhere near done! Oh, and the digital scrapbooking kit I'm using is Digi101 from Ahhh Scrap. I really like the colors. I thought about just buying a paper pack from Michael's or Archiver's and making it out of that - I might try that for February. Maybe this will be a year of finding the ideal planner? I want to find already printed daily pages (without holes) that I can incorporate into the thing. We'll see. I'll be sure and post an update if I ever get this thing finished!

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