Saturday, February 4, 2012

Angry Banana storyboard...

In case you didn't already know, I get really freaked out about "projects" when it comes to school. (Or work, or life, or basically everything). For my Flash class, we have to make an animation. It has to be a MINUTE long. So far I've been taught how to make eyes blink, a ball bounce, smoke, and buttons. I don't KNOW enough to make a whole minute of stuff. So I'm going rogue (I've already done so a few times in this class and my teacher keeps giving me these baffled looks) and I'm learning crap on my own. What choice to I have?? 

This is my storyboard, he gives it to us to do in class and he looks mine over, doesn't smile, and then says "Good. It's good. Very ambitious, though. A lot of drawing."

Thanks for the support, Teach. Now I'm determined to make it the best animation to ever come out of his class. Why couldn't he have been like "Wow, that's ambitious, maybe I can help you"?!? Don't even worry, I've got it covered. But this kind of thing pisses me off - assign me a task, then imply that I can't handle it?? 

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