Monday, February 13, 2012

Tami and the Garda

Garda = Irish police

My friend Tami got married on Friday the 13th to Ian. Tami is an ex-patriot who's been living and working in London for the past two years and she and Ian met there. But Ian is from Ireland and has always wanted to move back there - so that's where they're going! But just like in America, they have to "prove" that they didn't get married just so Tami could live in Ireland. Prove that they have a real relationship. And the garda wants pictures. Seems silly, because KNOWING that, you could just fake them, couldn't you? But we didn't. Instead, I made her some scrapbook pages!

These four are made with Design by Blagovesta Gosheva's facebook fan freebie:

(I know this one isn't great, I was trying to show them DOING stuff.)

What do you think? Will the garda be impressed with our silly pages? There are about ten others, because I'm obsessive like that!!

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