Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr. Owl...

He started with watercolor crayons, activated with white paint (no water), and then sprayed over with some alcohol inks and stencils. A two-page spread, which I always SAY I don't like, but always end up doing:

Then I though that THIS page sort of looked like eyes, with its two circles.

And here he is!

I doodled on him, which seemed right and wrong at the same time:

Then I added some paint, a little house and some stamps:

I'm actually pretty proud of these pages. They make me happy!


  1. They say the best work often comes from serindipity...I LOVE him!!!

  2. Goog... you could so sell prints of this!

  3. I'll make you a print, Ajae!! :)

  4. he is an awesome little owl...i love him :)

  5. I love him Goog! You're right to be proud.