Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Return of Zombie Bunny

I know, you're tired of the stupid zombie bunnies, but I can't help it! He isn't finished because you know I love to show you half-done stuff! I wish I could say this journal page was fun, but I'm not sure that it was. I'm trying to work through Mindy Lacefield's "Frolic" class, but I'm not enjoying it a whole lot so far. Her work is cool and most of the student work is great, and it's only my first attempt, so maybe I'll get better and it will be more fun. Anyway, here is my first bunny a few layers in:
More layers:
LOTS of layers:
Drew bunny:
Painted around bunny:
I added a layerof white to him, but he doesn't look very much better.

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