Monday, September 17, 2012

Where women create

I think the titles of stuff can be SO SILLY sometimes. I'm not a "solidarity, sister!" type of chick. I think division because of sex is stupid. This magazine could be called something like "Artist's Spaces" or something less sexist (oh, wait - it's only sexist if it says MEN, right?). Anyway, this is where this woman creates sometimes. 

That's my living room floor and I was sitting in the empty space! I had to get up and go somewhere with Mini Me, but I just left the stuff right there and came back to it. You don't need a fancy space to make art!


  1. haha YES! that looks a lot like my personal version of Where Women Create. mess is a sign of creativity, right? :)

  2. p.s. not that you're super messy. I'd say that is acceptable, stuff-is-happening mess. I totally mess in a not-so-great way...I can leave stuff out on our kitchen table for months on end...good thing hubby doesn't mind! :)

    1. I'm completely the same way. I walk past stuff sitting on the coffee table that I could just grab and put away. I don't even know why, sometimes I just can't handle the clean up.

    2. it can be sooo overwhelming! although it doesn't seem like it, I personally think (for me, anyway) it's a perfectionism symptom -- as in, I can't get it perfect, so why even try? :P