Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chubby Girl Returns!

So, our assignment this week for Suzi's class is to write about out life - journey vs destination. Are we were we want to be, or still on our journey to get there? Personally, I've always HATED the thought that "life's a journey". That doesn't mean I want stagnation in my life. I love to learn, I love to move, I like change. But I need stability. Sure, let's move to Minnesota - but let's have at least one of us get a job first. So, here's my journaling, I added it to my chubby girl's pages and it makes me crazy happy! I love it!


  1. I've been on vacation and missed seeing your pages- this one is great! I feel the same way- I like to be settled. In fact, it's often hard for me to venture past my comfort zone. I love chubby girl so much too!!

    1. I hope your vacation was fun!! I'm actually not really a comfort zone kind of chick - I've done ALL kinds of different jobs, went back to school at 31 years old, lived in a zillion places, but I've never quit a job without having another one lined up. I've never spent the grocery money on shoes. My power has never been turned off for lack of payment. I will try MOST things once (not everything, I'm not insane). I like a little adventure, I like new things. Instability to me is a different thing. I hate surprises. Absolutely hate them. I need to know what time it is every single second of the day - I have no idea why, I just do. I always have my phone with me, in case there is an emergency. I'm always prepared for thigns to go wrong - they often do! To me, the journey is just somethign to get THROUGH until you're at the destination. (I absolutely HATE road trips. Yuck.)