Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paint & Chronicle

A Suzi class, of course. I don't know why, but I wanted this page done quickly today - what the heck is the hurry? I have no idea. Maybe it's because I've been too uptight about journaling lately and I just wanted to do a page and not stress over it.

Sometimes I like to draw along with Suzi

The original sketch:

I refined her a little, gave her some hair. Now, this isn't a bad girl - I've certainly done a LOT worse. However, her face isn't quite "right". Check out how easy she was to fix...

ALL I did was put the part in her hair exactly in the center (I know, not everyone parts their hair in the center, but it looks better on drawings) and made the longest part of the face in the center, too. It made a HUGE difference and took about ten seconds.

I shaded her a little with PanPastels:

Now she has a little outfit:

This is about five layers later, maybe more :) 

Here's the spread: 

It's totally NOT fantastic, but it doesn't matter! It's done and it makes me happy. I think I'm even going to add some words - actual journaling! Oh, and see that unpainted part on the bottom? I'm leaving it. I'm not an uptight person, I don't understand why I've been so uptight about my stupid journals lately.

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