Friday, December 7, 2012

Holidazzle was a bust

It sounds cool, doesn't it? HoliDAZZLE! It's a parade in Minneapolis, and it was ridiculously stupid! There were maybe seven floats, a teeny (crappy) marching band, it was freezing, and they DIDN'T STOP TRAFFIC so in between floats, we had to wait while the cross traffic drove through!! The concept was SO COOL. Everything was lit up, the people, the floats, even the marching band had lights down their uniforms. But the execution was mediocre at best. I'd grade the whole thing a D-minus.

1 comment:

  1. This sketch made me snort coffee! Holidisappointed... So funny.
    It's so weird about the traffic... we have gone two years and the streets were all blocked off and nothing outside of what was in the parade went by.

    For all the sparkle and work of the Holidazzle, it is a parade that could be a bit longer. Maybe next year we could enter a float!!