Sunday, October 13, 2013


I don't often have good ones. One of the reasons I don't put my phone on Do Not Disturb during the night is that often the "new mail" chime pulls me out of a nightmare. The words around her are "If a dream is a wish my heart makes, how come I wake up so often in the middle of a panic attack?" I ask my journal a lot of questions. It rarely answers.


  1. Wow. The only time I would wake up with panic attacks and bad dreams, I was stifling issues I didn't want to face during the day and they would come when I went to sleep. I love your spread and I do find it is the same with me. My journal pages never seem to give me answers.

    1. The panic attacks have been happening since the death of my friend. I do have a lot of issues I'm dealing with, but facing them during the day doesn't stop the nighttime attacks. I keep telling myself I just have to get through today, then get through today, then get through today...I'm not sure what I feel like is waiting for me, but hopefully I'll get through enough todays to find out.