Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October, a month of goals

Goal #1: Income

Goal #2: File some paperwork (more on that to come)

Goal #3: Cartoon journal

Goal #4: Rapidograph mastery

Goal #5: Healing this leg:

I'm actually surprised at how "normal" it looks in this picture. This is my right calf and I don't even know if something is wrong with it or not. It started to itch, and I responded by scratching it. A year ago. I have no fingernails at all, I bite them right down to the quick, and still I've managed to scar my calf from the scratching. Oh, and not just with my nails - sometimes I use the heel of my shoe to scratch until it bleeds. Nothing over the counter helps to stop the itch for more than a couple of hours, and nothing seems to "heal" it. Of course, this is possibly because there is nothing WRONG with it other than my need to incessantly scratch it. There's no rash, not bumps, no bites, and there never were. It just started itching one day and I started scratching. This is my most important goal for the month of October - stop scratching this poor leg and let it heal. I'm putting it out there for you guys because it keeps me more accountable than a goal that's just in my head! 


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    1. My skin actually looked completely fine until I started scratching it! There was no rash or anything there. I would, of course, see a doctor if I could but I have no health care and can't afford it. Hopefully I'll get health care when I get a new job and then I can see what's going on. For now I haven't managed to resist the scratching for even a single day!!