Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is it or isn't it?

Art, I mean. This is a spiral bound book of scrapbook papers. I sprayed some clouds on it and wrote a quote. Technically, is it art? I guess not. I don't even really like it right now and it's the cover - whoops!

So if it's not art, what is it? It's just being an artist. I doodled this quote while eating breakfast and working on an album cover in Photoshop. A little of this, a little of that, a little scoop of Cheerios. Perhaps, by itself, this piece of paper I scribbled in is not art. But it's part of an artistic life.

 I'm sure things will spill on it and I'll jot notes down on it and maybe add more color and/or doodles. I'm just trying to say - if you think you don't have time for art in your every day life, or you think you're not an artist, maybe you're wrong. You don't have to draw to be an artist - but you can learn to if you want. You don't have to paint to be an artist, but you could pick up some cheap acrylics and give it a try. Or maybe just pick up a pen and draw some bubble letters on a piece of scrapbook paper and color them.

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