Monday, October 14, 2013

Honest yet not really truthful

This is a new journal (surprise!) and a new(ish) way of journaling for me. Kelly wants to journal her life, the everyday moments, and whatever Kelly does Goog has to do. I was going to just start with the cartoon journals like I was doing them before, but this is maybe better. This journal is Fabriano, I got it at Michaels. The pages are pretty smooth, but not Hot Press smooth, and nice and thick. If you need the details, I'm sure you can Google it!

The plan was originally watercolor, but since the drawings were so small, I thought markers would be better. They worked really well, except for at the very bottom, in the candy wrapper, where the ink smudged. Next time I'll let it dry overnight and see if that helps!

I hate the bleed-through, so I'm thinking for the next one (not anytime soon, when this one is full), I'll try Rendr. I bought some paper a couple of months ago and haven't done anything with it! I'm feeling the need to make a new journal...

As for the honest but not truthful part, I just don't feel like this journal I'm not sure if that's the word I'm looking for. Mostly, I journal because I have to get something out of my head. Words, thoughts, pictures. I thought a famous artist said something about art keeping you from crying, but maybe that was just Suzi? Anyway, I paint/drawing/sketch/etc my feelings. Not the actuality of my life. So when I look at this page, I remember the day and how it went, but I don't feel it. I don't feel anything. But, drawing and playing with markers and/or watercolors, that's always fun!

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