Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lonely? Or just alone?

It's always been strange to me that some people can't seem to stand their own company. What's bad about being alone? Right now my husband is sitting to close to me on the couch and my son is sitting at the table quacking while he does a puzzle. But today they went to a Twins game and I got to spent LOTS of time alone. It was AWESOME. I used to be one of those people who would see someone sitting alone at a restaurant or a movie and think "How sad, don't they have any friends?" But now there is NOTHING like a few hours of my own company.

First I ate Wendy's, then I went to Starbucks just to sit and play on my Netbook (yes, I could have done that at home, but this was better), then I went to Barnes & Noble (my favorite place in the whole world) where I bought a book and read it while I ate chocolate cheesecake and drank frappuccino.

And I thought about going to see a movie because I LOVE going alone, but there's nothing out that I want to see. Just wait until HP7-2 come out!! After B&N my boys picked me up and we all came home. I took a bath, we ate, and now they're too close and too loud and adorable. :)

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  1. Blessed is the alone time and yet no matter how much you get, it never seems enough