Friday, April 8, 2011

New journal...

I LOST my awesome Fabriano journal. Lost it. How do I do these things? I'm a complete airhead. But since Tim has worked every single day for the past month and I don't have a car, I can't get to Blick's to get more amazing paper. So I used a coupon at Michael's (walked there, it was 38 degrees) and got some Arches paper.

Broke it in immediately because I've been jonesing for my journal! Just another girl...OK, this pic is cool because that magenta on the left side of her face is Shiva oil paint stick! It was mega fun. Kelly has a few (she has everything) and I played with them. Cool stuff, I gotta get some of my own. Oh, and I colored her face with a whole bunch of colored pencils Kelly has, too. I'm totally a creature of habits - Prismacolor all the way - but Kelly is awesome about trying different stuff. There were Polychromos which turn out to be water soluble even though they say "permanent" on them. I used another kind, too...I forget what they were. (Then why mention it, Goog? Do we need to know these things?) Yes, yes you do.

PS Arches paper cracks when you fold it.

PPS It's pronounced "arsh" but that's too close to "arse" and my BFF lives in London so I can't bring myself to say it like that...

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