Thursday, April 5, 2012

Change is good...or bad...or good

Something that's been bothering me for a long time is the feeling so many people have of "I wish I could be like that". They wish they were faster, slower, better. Now, there are certainly things that we can aspire to. I'd like to be a bit thinner. This is something I can accomplish. But taller? That's not going to happen so it's not something I think about. I'm not short, I'm just Goog.

So many people think "I suck because..." instead of "I'm awesome because..." So what if you're a procrastinator? Accept it, figure out how to live with it, stop whining about it, and don't expect me to relate - I'm not a procrastinator. So what if you're OCD about where the bathroom towels hang? Accept it, try not to drive other people crazy with it (because my bathroom towel racks are empty, I gotta tell ya), live with it, but again, don't expect me to relate.

To some extent, we are who we are. Change is always possible, but it's not always NECESSARY. Would you still like me if you knew I was wearing a twelve-year-old paint-spattered ragged hoodie and a pair of workout pants? You will say "Of course!" in your head. If you came to my door and saw me in it? Maybe you'd give me a funny look. If you saw me in public? You'd probably be glad you weren't my friend. Guess what? I don't care. I'm not a different person whether or not YOU like me. I'm exactly the same, inside AND out.

You don't need to acquire a taste for things you don't like - and I don't just mean broccoli or beer. I mean people and places and things. You don't have to like abstract art just because someone else is willing to pay a million dollars for a splat of red paint on a canvas. You don't have to stop drinking chocolate milk just because you're an adult. My husband and I are the only parents who follow our son down the slides at the park and sometimes we'll swing while he's running around - who doesn't like to swing? I prefer going to the movies alone. I like to sit and study at Barnes & Noble with my headphones blasting so I don't have to listen to people. I don't really like to be touched, so if you accidently brush against me I'm probably going to jerk away. NONE of these things REQUIRES change. Why is OK for you to randomly touch me? Why should I have to listen to you chewing at Barnes & Noble? Why shouldn't I swing? Why can't I go to the movies alone?


  1. I'm not a people person but sometimes I am a random toucher (especially if I know you well) so if I randomly touch you and you jerk away, I'm not going to take offense. I may even do it again before I learn not to. And you would still be my friend. :)

  2. I don't MEAN to jerk away, it's just a reaction. If I know I'm about to be touched, I can totally handle it, but it I'm not looking at you, or you accidentally bump into me or brush against me - I jump like you just burned me. It usually surprises people and makes me feel like an idiot!