Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hybrid art?

In digital scrapbooking, they consider it "hybrid" if you print what you've made. This is the reverse of that, I guess. Here is a journal page that I sprayed and painted and scanned:

And I trimmed it a little and then put on the tree and the bird and tried to find a quote that fit "flying" or "dawn" because I had it in my head that these are the colors of dawn, even though they're more sunset, but none of them were great. Then I found this one:
Just in case anyone out there doesn't already know, my friend Suzi Blu is coming to Minnesota. She's staying with Kelly for the summer and we're going to look for a house for us to live in. People keep telling both of us that it's not a good idea, that living with friends is bad, and blah, blah, blah. But I think people have these thoughts because they don't know how to be themselves around other people. My mom won't get the mail (which is in a box at the end of her driveway) without putting lipstick on. Some people don't have what I would consider "real" friends. After I had Liam, my friend Shanti did my laundry. She did dishes, went to the grocery store, watched him so I could run errands. Not to mention she was IN the delivery room with me. If you don't have a friend who would watch you squeeze a person into the world, then wash your stinky socks and stuff them in your dresser for you, that makes me sad. Maybe I have more amazing friends than my share.

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