Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project 365 Goog-style

Did you know that the whole point of P365 is to become a better photographer?? I had no idea. I thought it was just like a photo journal of my days, and that's what I use it as. I'm going to give you an example. These are the photos I took on 4/20

Guess which one is my P365 picture? Of course it's the erasers! Because it is about my life. On this day, I found these erasers that my friend Ajae loves, AND they reach come with a refill, AND it's her birthday! So I got five - four for her and one for me. While the flower photos are beautiful, it just so happens that I was in a flower store (nursery? garden center? I don't know) and I think flowers are pretty. But seriously - it was half an hour out of my day, and I was WAY more excited about the erasers. Erasers are something I use every single day. Are they beautiful? I guess not. Is it a wonderfully taken picture? I've certainly done better. But it made my day and is going to make Ajae's.

What's the point, Goog?? The point is this: every picture I have for P365 tells me a little story. Maybe not a thousand words, just a little memory brush - Oh, yeah, I remember that, it was fun! What would the flower pics say to me? Probably something like - where the fuck was I then and why the hell did I take some many pictures of flowers?

I'm not trying to "improve" anything. I'm just keeping a record. An honest record of my actual life. In a hundred years, will anyone care what my real life was like? Maybe not. But I guarantee you they'll be more interested in ME than in a picture I took of blue orchids that can't survive Minnesota winters.

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