Friday, April 6, 2012

Ideal Bedroom

I am in love with this color scheme. I know it's a little odd, and lots of times I see gray with blur and red instead of brown, but I'm not a huge fan of gray and my bedroom furniture is beautiful and brown. So, keeping it as the central color, I'd like the walls to be a nice, peaceful, gorgeous blue and then red accents. Lamp shades or lamps, or maybe even light fixtures? I don't know, I just really like these colors and want them for my bedroom. BUT I don't want them for the whole house. I like each room to have its own identity, and the peace I want to feel in my bedroom is not the joy I want to feel when I'm having dinner in the dining with my friends and family, or the playfulness I want to feel on Movie Night with my son in the living room. 

Here is more about my ideal bedroom:
The blue is a list of things I can do NOW. Why wait until all of the steps can be taken? Why not take a little step or two and see where it goes? That's what Suzi is teaching me in the Fairies class. 


  1. I know... how about a red lava lamp?

  2. How about two? One for each night stand!