Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Suck Monday - InkTense Pencils

So, I've been wanting to get some different InkTense colors since I don't really have any good portrait ones and portraits are what I draw most of the time. Twice I've been to Blick's and gathered all the ones I wanted and then put them back. But the peeps decided they wanted to do InkTense for YSM, so here we are.

First just graphite:

A little shading:

Since I don't have any portrait colors, I just went with sun yellow and tangerine:

Here I added a little baked earth to the face, apple green for the background. The more I worked with her, the more I liked her, which is TOTALLY unlike me!

I used bark for her hair, which is a really cool kind of purply brown, and leaf green for her shirt. Then I went to bed because I sort of liked her and I felt like I must have been punchy for that to be true.

After she waited all night, she STILL wasn't horrible! All I did was add a little to her background and lips...
 Then I redefined her features a little with more graphite, and then Kelly texted me a picture of her girl and I realized that I hadn't colored her eyes, so I did. The colors kind of leaked out of their pencil lines and I'm absolutely fine with it! Normally I'm much more of a control freak than that. What's up with me?!?

Next I want to get real portrait colors and try the InkTense on canvas. Maybe a new journal bag.

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