Saturday, May 12, 2012

Astounding Stupidity and Mother's Day

I am NOT my husband's mother. Nor am I the mother of any of my friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, or my parents. That DOES NOT MEAN that these people aren't going to call me and wish me a happy Mother's Day. I told my husband that since I squeezed a person out of my vagina I want chocolate for Mother's Day. Hubby is SUPER sentimental and sappy and he almost gave away his tickets to the Twins game on Mother's Day - I told him he was being ridiculous, that I would LOVE to be alone with copious amounts of chocolate on Mother's Day. (He's a season ticket holder, so it wouldn't have been a huge deal to give them away, but really, there was no need.)

Please feel free to copy and post this anywhere MEN might be reading it: Mother's Day is for mothers. ALL mothers. Not only YOUR mother, dumbass. The "You're not my mother" bullshit doesn't fly in my house. My stepdad celebrates MY mother on Mother's Day. She is not his mother. He wasn't married to her until my brother and I were both adults. She did NOT give birth to any children of his. He celebrates his mother, his sister, me. We're mothers. All of us.

There's the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day right there!