Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Digital Age

It's the Digital Age, people, and it's time to jump on board. I LOVE technology. I love it. My computer is on my lap MOST of the time. I love instant gratification when I have a question, I love shopping online. I love digital cameras and I learning a new program. I have some programming knowledge and have created some simple programs. I've been a beta-tester for web sites and I've had an iPhone since 2009. I have Facebook and get a LOT of my family news that way, and have reconnected with friends that way. I share my son with my family on facebook and/or through email. The ONLY friends I've ever made as an adult, I met FIRST online and THEN in real life. My son uses my netbook to skype with my mom nearly every day. I send thousands of text messages a month. Thousands.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about this little device:
It's a Nook Simple Touch. I have one (and the original Nook). Now, LOTS of people are saying things like "Why would I want a device that only does ONE thing?" Oh, you mean like a camera that only takes photos? Or a phone that only makes phone calls?

The fantastic thing about this eReader is that it's not back lit like your computer screen is. It looks just like you're reading a book. It's not black and white, it's dark gray and off-white, like book pages. The print is NOT smaller than a book. The books I read on it are NOT of less value than if I was holding a piece of paper in my hand. HOWEVER - the books are CHEAPER, sometimes by $10 or $15, it holds THOUSANDS of them, unlike the five overcrowded bookshelves I have at home, I can check out library books and not worry about returning them late, AND when I travel I can take ALL of my favorite books with my. This thing is SMALL. I take it to school and read on my breaks, I take it with me pretty much everywhere. NO, it doesn't light up - neither does a book! I have a book light for it. There are no games or apps for this device. It doesn't play music or send text messages. It's JUST BOOKS. Why do little old men keep questioning this like I'm sitting playing angry birds for three hours? I'm READING with it, dudes. BOOKS. They don't like it because it's electronic? Seriously? How does that make any sense? I'm not trying to push you into buying the thing - I just want to stop defending myself for using it. I LOVE it.

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