Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cloudy Day

I've been experimenting a lot lately with started with a prepped page. Now, I have zero fear of the blank page (sorry for everyone who is scared of it!), but I think this adds a lot more depth to the page. I could be wrong, but it's making me happy lately. This page was (obviously) pink, orange, and a little vanilla. I drew her with pink pen and journaled in her hair.

I didn't intend on covering up all of the journaling, but that's how it worked out and I LOVE the finished page. The blue drippy water was the last thing I did, and I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but I really do!

A little closer up of her face:


  1. In some cultures, hair is seen as an antenna picking up the thought transmissions of others as you interact with them. One of the ways to keep your own uplifted thoughts is to cover your hair when you're going to be in a situation with energy that you don't want to be tangled with. This picture reminded me of that.

  2. I LOVE her! What a great page!

  3. She's Beautiful, love the drippy blue too!