Wednesday, August 21, 2013


OK, I know I already talked a little about Paint Happy, but I'm really having fun with how FAST it is to shade a face with her method. It REALLY makes me happy! Watch the magic happen.

Girl (on prepped canvas board):

First layer:

By the second later, the magic is already happening, but she's still kinda funky:

Oh, less funky here:

And look now! C'mon, that's freaking magic. 

Here she is now, possibly finished, but you know me!

On the New York front, we aren't there yet. Sigh. My husband is a HORRIBLE planner, but he wants to pretend  he's a GREAT planner. So he "planned" the trip. I told him I wanted to leave EARLY on Monday and drive as far as we could, so we wouldn't have as far to drive today. We didn't leave until 8:30am. He wanted us to stay together, which led to me driving 45mph for HOURS yesterday when I could have zipped around him like the aggressive river I am, ignored the speed limit, and made it to Pennsylvania yesterday with no problem. Instead we stopped just inside Michigan and we weren't going to get to NY till around 8pm. Unless you asked him - he said "400 miles, that's only four more hours!" I didn't even point out that we would have to be driving 100mph for that to be true. I just got in the car and drove away. Then I pointed out to him that our apartment complex office probably wouldn't be open by the time we got there - he called to check and they weren't going to be and wouldn't give the key to someone else. Um...that would have been good information to have, wouldn't it? What if we'd driven all the way there and THEN found out - I would've been pissed. (I'm pretty pissed anyway.) These are the details that are important for someone like me. So, we'll be there tomorrow. Sleeping in our new place.


  1. Goog, what is Paint Happy...interested to find out??

    1. Hi, Wendy! It's a class by Micki Wilde! Here is her blog: