Friday, February 25, 2011


I think my art needs more depth. My backgrounds are boring. These two are little canvas panels. One is my son (we're not doing anything special, he just has a very expressive face!) and the other is my friend.
They're cute, I like them well enough. But - shouldn't there be more? More what, I don't know, but more something.
I painted, I stamped, I inked and I like them. But I'm not completely satisfied, you know? They're finished, but if I was going to do them over I'd add something. Maybe drips or splatters. Both, even. I'm pretty good and making things that are pretty good. I want to take things over the top. Gotta work on that.


  1. I know exactly what you mean , I struggle with the same issues- need more, but not sure what to add. Perhaps SB has some pearls of wisdom. We need someone to run a class on "taking it further" BTW - love them both.

  2. Well for me, I like your work & your backgrounds. But I sure know what you mean when you're not happy with something..
    LOVE the spatter idea..
    But whatever you do I love your work,
    keep sharing

  3. First of all... your Goog, doing Goog things...
    = learning. Which is more than some of us do... pushing the boundries.

    Keep growing by leaps and bounds, it suits you♥nicely

  4. Thanks, girls! I'm going to keep working on it. It's all a process, right?